July 5 2015

The green summer campaign in 2015 – HaUI

During the short time in the summer of the year, I took part in a volunteer activity to help students who joined the university entrance exam overcome difficulties on these days. My passion as well as my youth dedicated to society. I felt very satisfied with what I have done.

Here are some photos I took at the Ha Noi University of Natural Resources and Environment at that time:

The meal of volunteers just had a lot of soft drink more than food


Each person had a mood


All in an hour of a siesta


And Working. This girl liked selfie a lot.


Students’ parents have waited for their children at the University’s gate in a hot day.


There was happiness and also sadness as well


All of them felt stressed for 4 days of the exam


A wonderful team of volunteers in a photo.


Selfie with crazy girls

A photo for finishing this job

These videos will show you how happy it was

We sang a song “Sat Canh Ben Nhau” together

The summer campaign was a great success!
Hoping for next year will be happy as this year

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