August 27 2014

[Game show] The cultural village no. 8: Tan Le Commune, Hung Ha District, Thai Binh province

The game show “cultural village” was performed by Thai Binh Television collaboration with Corporation of Fertilizer and Chemicals Petroleum at Phạm Đôn Lễ temple (also known as Quan Trạng temple) in Tan le commune, Hung Ha District, Thai Binh Province.

The first tableau named: Trạng Chiếu Hải Hồ was performed by people who are living at Tan Le Commune

Next to game show: Weaving mat mutual: “Hới Mat” known as the capital of the mats which are famous in Viet Nam. So people often said that: “Ăn cơm hom, nằm giường hòm, đắp chiếu Hới”. Nowadays, with Open Market Operations, although the Hới mats have to compete with other ones, it is still alive in the mind of each person. Moreover, thanks to the dynamic development of the village. It is enriching for many households here.

To commemorate Phạm Đôn Lễ who  improved the mat’s techniques and developed it at Hải Hồ village. Yearly, on 6th January. Hải Chiều village opens a game “Hội chiếu”. People in the village can take to weave the mats by hands together.


Climbing the banana tree is one of the popular traditional games here, people often held on festive occasions. Climbing the banana tree is very hard, so it is good for our health and patience that need to the ingenuity of the players.

The result of contest “climbing the banana tree taking the flags”

The audiences are watching the contest

Blindfolders catching the ducks is an extremely popular game in the countryside of Viet Nam. The game was reshowed in the cultural village no.8 that performed by Thai Binh television collaboration with the Corporation Fertilizers and Chemicals Petroleum.

 The leader of Hung Ha district and the leader of Thai Binh TV gave a bouquet to two teams


 The leader of Tan Le commune gave a bouquet to two player teams

Representative of Corporation Fertilizers and Chemicals Petroleum gifted to two player teams

Here are 2 videos that show you some scenes about this, I’m sorry for low quality, My phone did not support HD that time.

Videos recorded by Huynh ICT.

Source: Thai Binh TV, translator: Huynh ICT

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