May 25 2013

Hưng Nhân High School’s last special memories

In the end of every school year that is always being the most impressing day of senior students, it was the last day to look and talk together and to take photos keeping the beautiful moments of the students. No exception, We are 12A9. In the moment of bid farewell to Hưng Nhân High School as well as my friends. Maybe, it will no longer meet you and me here. To save the memories and mark milestone, we’ve held a collective photographic save last moments:
To save the memories and mark milestone, we’ve held a collective photography to save last moments:


A9 I45 Hung Nhan high school

Group 4 and teachers

Group 3

Group 2

Group 1

Arrange A9
All girl and teacher
All boys and Teacher
in front of our class.

Huynh, Thoa, Dương, Hằng

An, Dương (lack of Vương)

Tươi như Trang

Lâm, dương

An Hằng

Lâm Thoa

Đạt, Tam, Thanh

4 supermen

Strip joints.

Huynh - cô Thủy - N TrangHuynh, teacher, Trang

The guestbook was leaving on the uniform.



Say goodbye was written on the table….

The signature and the emotional flow wishes desire to university and success on the path of life is left on Thoa’s uniform shirt.


Thảo Hiếu


People on the last day

And the final session is on the jacket’s shoulder briefcase high school students.

The teacher receives us

We will remember forever these student memories.

Hung Nhan high school on the last day! Perhaps, on senior farewell of this time. That’s a milestone for the 3 years we were in grade and school together, the moments of school age will be in the best memories in heart of everyone.

Hopefully, we can set 12A9 (2010-2013) will be a united family forever.

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