February 20 2018

Spend one day hanging out with high school friends at Ecopark

Unlike every year. we have a unique reunion this year, Both the participants and the method. The main reason lack of people is the number of people get married and busy with their own job, others are too far from hometown and cannot come back on time. the other is selected by members of the class group.

At first, We decided to travel to Bai Dinh, Trang An. However, a lot of them get drunk on the night before the trip, they can get up on time. So it was stood over. skip a day, we continue the trip to another place suggested by Thao. That is Ecopark.

On February 20, 2018, five of us (Including me, Cuong, B.Hang, M.Tam, and B.Duong) meet at Giang’s house and begin the trip to Ecopark, it’s about 50 km long. take us 2 hours. We spend all the morning to find a store and hire Ao Dai but can’t find any ones. Let’s everything happen in its ways, we dress up our clothes.

And here are photos I want to show you:


Hot boy standing next to a peach tree, just kidding!

the main stage of festival

Lots of people come here, although the ticket price is not cheap

Like me, they prefer to take selfie than doing others

Fake apricot blossom but it tricked almost people.


The year of dogs. That’s a couple dog stand here.

I am Jealous…


Two siblings prepare for capturing seflie photos.

Look at the girls over there, what are they doing?

A garden of peach trees. Is that beautiful, isn’t it?


Love, but no one love each other.

Suggestive statue with children, they look really innocent!!


I and Tâm borrow two cute puppies from Koreans.


We are lucky when suddenly meet Bui Nhung on the road, our classmate 😀


and take the photo together, Everyone is beautiful except me,


The center of Spring park


Some pieces of wood shaped a dog, I do not sure that is a dog or a cow!


Is he the god of love?


It is suitable for lovers, not for singles like me :3


What is the meaning of putting the wheels here? I do not know!


No one cares? Let’s the world be the world.

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