December 5 2017

My longest journey to Ho Chi Minh City

This was my longest joureny so far as well as the first time I am in the plane.  It was like a type of cutural shock but it has a few proid.  Before the trip, I really worried about things happen during and after the journey.
That feeling was gone away after exprienced. There are people I really amired not only their talent but also the young age. They really friendly and easy-going.
Here are some photos were taken by me during the journey. Let see and comment below:

We stand in front of Notre Dame Cathedral

The emotion when staying at airplane

Everything I see is white cloud

Closer, feel like I am sitting in the cloud.

A warning printed on the back every seat.

After 1h50m, our plane takes off to Tan Son Nhat airport. here is the scenery outside the window

And here is the plane we used to stay in.

Stair car? I do not know how to name this car.

After going down the plane, all the passengers will raise on the bus to go the main transit lounge.There are a lot of planes in the airport, including domestic and international.

I booked an Uber taxi and move to Grand Hotel, however, I made a mistake The first destination is Hoa Dong Duong Hotel. That alright.

Having lunch at HCMC, Every food is so sweetttt..

Wear the uniform YUP, and take a selfie photo at Eastin Grand hotel

Let’s go around the hotel

Whole house made from a kind of eatable food. Interesting huh?

A big Christmas tree at the center of hotel

it was taken in front of hotel

This is a competition among groups, the woman is presenting and selling the product for the group. the more money we earn, the more chance we win.

They are live streaming to introduce the product to attract more people

Every participant buys this tombstone, price: 20k VND

Here are the stage of the event

Many foreigners stay here

About 1 A.M the next day, we have a party at this restaurant

then we go back the hotel and take a nap to 11:00 AM, then I travel myself to famous places. here is Ben Thanh Market.

Bitexco Tower capture from Ben Thanh Market

Here are things inside the market, taken from entrance

Everything here is too expensive. most buyers are foreigners

Modern WC, with air condition, just 3k VND to enter

I just want to take a walk to Bitexco tower, the second towel in high in Vietnam

A street vendor preparing to return money to guests

Here it is. Bitexco Financial Tower. was hosted by Mr.Hoi who comes from my hometown

This photo was posted to Facebook, Most friends said I am fat as a pig

The Christmas and New year has come soon

Không khí giáng sinh đang tràn ngập ở đây

I have nobody to confide in 🙁

A lot of Westerners are waiting for bus in a tour

HCMC Industrial University, view from the coffee bar

We go to the Notre Dame Cathedral to take selfie and have dinner there

And go back to Hoa Dong Duong Hotel at 9:00 PM

Then prepare the luggage for going back Hanoi

Last time in Tan Son Nhat Airport

With my brother

Transit lougue, our flight Vietjet Air  was delayed 30 minutes.

more handsome than before?

HCMC in the night view from the sky

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November 19 2017

EL1 I9 – HaUI graduation photos 2017

As you probably know. In Vietnam, taking graduation photos is an annual activity of every generation student before completing the course at school or university to capture the most beautiful moments in school time. On that day, girls often wear traditional shirts such as Ao dai and boys tend to dress western-style uniforms like vests. They do their best to have stunning photos to share on social media, of course.
On the 11th of November 2017, I made up myself and spent all day taking photos selfie with my cousin sisters as well as my friends at English Linguistics 1 as many as possible, no matter how tired I got. Needless to say, here are my beautiful photos sharing with you, viewers:

A fake kissing scene was acted by Trang and Phượng Having a photo with monitor: Thúy

A pretty girl: Ngọc Anh

Duyên: I met her while working at a small cafe near home and now accidentally meet her again. The time I wear the bachelor shirt taking a photo with her

and wear a vest. Look really cool huh?

My cousin sister: Huyền

My cousin sister: Huệ

And both of them in a photo

A casual capturing while preparing for a whole class photo

A group of boys in EL 1

Look like elegant men?

Handsome boys actually.

Want to date or flirt with her? Leaving a comment below!

She sings very well, but I don’t know her current relationship

Here are some class photos:

Colourful Ao dais for women and Black Vests for men

spreading arms

Wearing bachelor shirts

Raising bachelor hats.

Tossing them in the air

Hold bachelor degrees when at Temple of Literature

Another style

Burning and holding flares scene when we are at Gamuda garden

With beautiful red lanterns in background

Click the link below to view and download full album:
Thank you for reading!

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November 9 2017

Happy Tâm’s wedding on Nov 08, 2017

TThe couple met at the wedding of an older cousin sister about three years ago, the husband older than the wife 7 year olds, Spending a long time getting acquainted and now they live in a home together.

In this photo, The wife name Tâm is my cousin sister

Let’s see some random photos capturing this moment in the following video:

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October 6 2017

Enjoy Mid-Autumn 2017 with my friend at Yen So Park

Lantern Festival Gamuda is like a small “Hoi An” scene right in Hanoi, starting from October 1, 2017 to the end of the month at Yen So Park. On the mid-autumn night, the event attracted many couples and people in Hanoi.

Although knowing that day is a mid-autumn day, I still turned on Uber Drive app and took 3 trips. I wished to archive the first target soon to go back the hometown at weekend. Then, I broke my promise to my friend, at first I decided to see her at 7h30 but until 8h00 I just picked her up because of the traffic jam when driving Uber. However, we had a lot of awesome moments with charm and beauty of the festival.

Here are some memorial photos in this event

A big lantern shows up in the Gamuda’s main gate

As you may know, Gamuda is the sponsor for this event

No time to eat as well as change the clothes, I put on uber’s uniform to go out.

Many kinds of calligraphy were sold in the lantern walking street.

This is one of them.

Some couples interested in taking a selfie on this bridge.


The colourful fountain was set in the centre of lake

A lot of girls made the best of their time take selfie photos

just 10 thousand dong for every a lantern, then wish and throw it down the surface water

The moment throwing our 2 lanterns.

And try to take a selfie photo with my friend.

Or just take by myself

Close to…. look beautiful huh?  😀

But, I still prefer to taking alone 😀


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September 28 2017

How to fix “Please update your account to enable 3rd party hosting” on your website

As you may know, Photobucket is a favourite and an ancient hosting selected by many people to upload their photos and embed easily them into their website. Unluckily, For the last few months, they change the privacy that asks you must upgrade your basic account to a premium one. That’s terrible. I cannot imagine a reputable website like Photobucket does such a nasty thing.

Many beautiful photos were replaced by this photo. really inhibited right?

New: Here is my instruction video

No problem, I have an amazing solution to fix this just in 2 steps.

Step 1, The first need is a Google Chrome or Firefox browser, If you still do not install it by clicking here or Firefox

Step 2, After installing the program above, You continue to install an extension named: Fix Embedded Photobucket Images on Chrome Webstore. Or click on this link, for Firefox click here

Ok, Now try to access the page has this error and see the result.

If you still can’t see the images after installing, try hard-reloading to clear the cache: go to the page with the images and hit Ctrl+Shift+R on Windows/Linux or Cmd+Shift+R on macOS.

As a web developer, I advise you to move all your photos into other hostings like Google Photos, Imgur or Flickr.

Using Save page (Right click on your mouse) to save all your photos and re-upload them on a trustful hosting above.

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