September 11 2019

Mid-Autumn 2019 at Apax Hoang Quoc Viet

Watch this video to see an overview of the event:

these are some beautiful photos were taken by me:

Is that awesome?

Full of fruits

Prepare for games

Making cakes room

Black Pink and BTS Gallery

Lion dances before the Somerset buildingt

It’s time for children

Kim Vinh and Minh Khue take a selfie photo

These are the gifts for playing dart.

Other side, people are still decoring the space

Minh Ngọc come to the center very soon

Parent take their child to the center getting bigger and bigger

A girl is taking avandtage

Những cậu nhỏ tinh nghịch

Những cô nhỏ nghiêm túc

BTS Gallery shop to be much in demand

Take the photo to take a photo 😀

Paint nails

Anh em nhà Hồng Phong rất ngoan ngoãn khi đứng trước máy ảnh

mischievous kids

Trường An – A artful child

Phương Hà a talkactive student, loves Blackpink….

Hien Minh Siblings

Trang Anh sibings

Non-speak when meeting

Hoàng Minh – the last days at Apax

Chí Lâm failed when playing darts.


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