August 11 2016

How to register or cancel credits at [Updated 08/2016]

Last year, I made a video that’s similar to this video. The begin goal was just guided my friends who did not know how to register credits at After one year the video was uploaded, I completely surprise which viewers are more and more increase for each session of the preparing for each unit of study. Actually, at that time on the website was not have captcha so it was easy to register, but now the school adds it and as a result, many newbies do not know this.
That is why the video was created.



P/s: Due to enthusiasm for making it, I had to learn 2 physical credits again.
Hướng dẫn đăng kí học phần / hủy học phần khi đăng kí tự do theo mã môn học, không theo danh sách theo chuyên ngành.

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