September 11 2019

Mid-Autumn 2019 at Apax Hoang Quoc Viet

Watch this video to see an overview of the event:

these are some beautiful photos were taken by me:

Is that awesome?

Full of fruits

Prepare for games

Making cakes room

Black Pink and BTS Gallery

Lion dances before the Somerset buildingt

It’s time for children

Kim Vinh and Minh Khue take a selfie photo

These are the gifts for playing dart.

Other side, people are still decoring the space

Minh Ngọc come to the center very soon

Parent take their child to the center getting bigger and bigger

A girl is taking avandtage

Những cậu nhỏ tinh nghịch

Những cô nhỏ nghiêm túc

BTS Gallery shop to be much in demand

Take the photo to take a photo 😀

Paint nails

Anh em nhà Hồng Phong rất ngoan ngoãn khi đứng trước máy ảnh

mischievous kids

Trường An – A artful child

Phương Hà a talkactive student, loves Blackpink….

Hien Minh Siblings

Trang Anh sibings

Non-speak when meeting

Hoàng Minh – the last days at Apax

Chí Lâm failed when playing darts.


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December 20 2018

The Way God Helps

There was a small village by the river. Everyone lived happily and offered regular prayers at the village temple (Church). Once during the monsoon season, it rained heavily. The river started overflowing and flood entered the village. Everyone started to evacuate their homes and set out to go to the safe place.

One man ran to the temple (Church). He quickly went to the priest’s room and told him, “The flood water has entered into our homes and it is rising quickly. And water has also started to enter the temple. We must leave the village as in no time it will sink under the water! Everyone has set out to go to the safer place and you must come along”. The priest told the man, “I am not an atheist like you all and I have a full faith in God. I trust the God that he will come to save me. I will not leave the temple, You may go!” So, the man left.

Soon, the water level started to rise and reached the waist height. The priest climbed on the desk. After a few minutes, a man with the boat came to rescue the priest. He told the priest, “I was told by the villagers that you are still inside the temple, so I have come to rescue you, please climb on the boat”. But the priest again refused to leave giving him the same reason. So the boatman left.

The water kept rising and reached to the ceiling, so the priest climbed to the top of the temple. He kept praying to the God to save him. Soon the helicopter came, they dropped the rope ladder for the priest and asked him to climb on and get inside the helicopter so they can take him to the safer place. But the priest refused to leave by giving him the same reason again! So the helicopter left to search and help others.

At last, when the temple nearly submerged under the water, the priest kept his head up and started complaining, “Oh Lord, I worshiped you for all my life and kept my faith in you! Why didn’t you come to save me?!” The God appeared in front of him and with a smile, he said, “Oh mad man, I came to save you three times! I came running to you to ask you to leave for the safest place with other villages, I came with a Boat, I came with a Helicopter! What is my fault if you didn’t recognize me?!”

The priest realized his mistake and asked for forgiveness. He got his chance to go to the safe place one more time, which he accepted.

Moral: In life, opportunities come unknowingly without any recolonization. We fail to recognize it and keep complaining that life didn’t give us the opportunity to lead a successful life. Always take every chance you get to make a better life.

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February 20 2018

Spend one day hanging out with high school friends at Ecopark

Unlike every year. we have a unique reunion this year, Both the participants and the method. The main reason lack of people is the number of people get married and busy with their own job, others are too far from hometown and cannot come back on time. the other is selected by members of the class group.

At first, We decided to travel to Bai Dinh, Trang An. However, a lot of them get drunk on the night before the trip, they can get up on time. So it was stood over. skip a day, we continue the trip to another place suggested by Thao. That is Ecopark.

On February 20, 2018, five of us (Including me, Cuong, B.Hang, M.Tam, and B.Duong) meet at Giang’s house and begin the trip to Ecopark, it’s about 50 km long. take us 2 hours. We spend all the morning to find a store and hire Ao Dai but can’t find any ones. Let’s everything happen in its ways, we dress up our clothes.

And here are photos I want to show you:


Hot boy standing next to a peach tree, just kidding!

the main stage of festival

Lots of people come here, although the ticket price is not cheap

Like me, they prefer to take selfie than doing others

Fake apricot blossom but it tricked almost people.


The year of dogs. That’s a couple dog stand here.

I am Jealous…


Two siblings prepare for capturing seflie photos.

Look at the girls over there, what are they doing?

A garden of peach trees. Is that beautiful, isn’t it?


Love, but no one love each other.

Suggestive statue with children, they look really innocent!!


I and Tâm borrow two cute puppies from Koreans.


We are lucky when suddenly meet Bui Nhung on the road, our classmate 😀


and take the photo together, Everyone is beautiful except me,


The center of Spring park


Some pieces of wood shaped a dog, I do not sure that is a dog or a cow!


Is he the god of love?


It is suitable for lovers, not for singles like me :3


What is the meaning of putting the wheels here? I do not know!


No one cares? Let’s the world be the world.

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February 3 2018

A cultural situation with Uber in Hanoi | Cross Cultural Communication


Each country, each region in the world has different cultures, some of them contradict each other, which made us really confused and embarrassed. In fact, I have never been in any foreign countries, and have not had any opportunities to integrate myself into a new culture. During part-time work, however, I have encountered a cultural situation that made me embarrassed right in Hanoi, and now I will share that extraordinary story.

2.      CONTENT

In the second year at university, Because I just did not want to be dependent on my parents and brother’s grant, I had to find a part-time job to make a living in the expensive city, Hanoi. Thinking about my situation and all things I had, I decided to work as an UberMOTO driver. Uber is an application that allows riders move easily by booking nearest motorbikes or various cars just a few touches on their mobile phone. The most favorite thing made me choose this kind of job was because I could work in flexible time with high income and also have chances to make conversations with strangers, especially with foreigners.

Like many other universities in Vietnam, I had a day off on Sunday every week, this was the best time for me to work and make my bread for the following weeks. On the first Sunday of October, 2017. To take advance of having a good health condition and spare time all day, I prepared all the demands for the job then turned on Uber Driver app in my phone to ready for the job right at my home.

Sample Photo

A few moment later, there was a ting-ting sound coming from my phone, it was the sign of a rider’s demand in the Uber Driver app. I accepted the trip and called the rider, an English speaker answered from another side. After confirming the rider’s place, I drove my motorbike on the way to there. At the destination, there was a black man standing alone, I speedily reached that person and asked him whether he was my rider or not. We communicated completely in English: “Hello, did you take UberMOTO?” I asked, “Yes, I did” He answered. Then, He slowly reconfirmed the driver in his app again then rode on my motorbike, wore the helmet, and we started the trip.

During the trip, he talked with me as a close friend which made me feel closer to him. He told the story of his wonderful journey from Brazil to Vietnam. Although he was a Brazilian, he really admired heroic Vietnamese people through Vietnam war films from a long time ago and considered Vietnam as his second hometown. “In two years living here, I have absolutely appreciated the way of life in Hanoi. People here are really open-minded and friendly” He added.

A half hour later, we reached rider’s destination and I carefully stopped driving my motorbike, swept on the screen to finish the trip but the rider was really uncommon. He also got off my motorbike, gave me the helmet, then looked at his mobile phone and informed me that the trip was paid by credit card. In response to his words, I also made an “Ok sign” by my hand to let him know that it was fine, this action performed by connecting the thumb and index finger into a circle O, and holding the other fingers straight or relaxed in the air. After that, he completely changed his look, it was like something terrible just happened to him, he suddenly went away without saying goodbye to me. Then, I continued my job in curious thoughts.

After having dinner at a restaurant, I was really angry and irritated when opening Uber Driver app and checking the ratings from riders’ tab. There was one-star showed up together with a report said that the driver was unprofessional and impolite. At that moment, how confused I was! I wondered whether I did something wrong or not. All the riders were really pleased with the trips. I quickly thought about the trip with the Brazilian, about his weird action.

3.      ANALYSIS

In this part, I would like to analyze three possible reasons that came across in my mind about this remarkable situation at that time.

  • Rider encountered bad news at the end of the trip

Probably, he wanted to throw things he got in my face. Although he looked really friendly and open-minded before the trip as well as during and at the end of the trip, he was really impolite. This might happen on the phone showed up a bad message that he saw but did not want to share with me.

  • High fare and skeptical rider

Uber computed flexibly fare each trip. The price of the trip depends on the distance route which driver has chosen. Therefore, it is normal if rider’s app showed up at different prices compared with driver’s app. In this situation, the rider did not know this method and thought that driver was cheated.

  • Lack of knowledge about hand gesture in Brazil and other countries.

That happened in differences of the “Ok gesture” between Brazil and other countries. The hand gesture is like the shape of the word “OK” widely used to mean “all is well” or satisfactory in English language. It is commonly understood as a signal of approval and sometimes used synonymously with the Western “thumbs up” gesture in America, Britain, and Vietnam as well. In Brazil, Ok sign is the same as calling someone an “asshole”. It is considered a rude gesture and offensive insult. Brazilians think that it is used to depict a private bodily orifice.


In the previous part, I was analyzed three possible reasons could happen in this situation. Now I will show the most reasonable one and the result of this situation.

Through the information, I searched on the internet along with hand gesture “Ok sign” to the rider. There should not be any doubt anymore, the third reason is the most accurate explanation.

One of the main reasons led to this cross-culture misunderstanding that I did not know well the cultures among Brazil and other countries beforehand. I’m a Vietnamese specializing in English, so all I know is a small part of the culture in oriental countries and English-speaking countries. In above situation, I thought “Ok gesture” was a normal one like other western countries that I have been learning before.

As a result, not until that time did I know this information, I felt ashamed of my mistake. On that day, I wrote a message of apology and said it was because of my ignorance. In a feedback message on the same day, he sympathized and forgave me. At the end, he also changed his ratings from one-star to five-star and removed the report. This was the most unforgettable trip with Uber until now. 


We often think using our hands to communicate helps break down language barriers when traveling around the world. However, sometimes those gestures get lost in translation and depend on where you are, mean the exact opposite of what you’re trying to say. Previously, I have explained the accurate reason why I got confused with culture. In this part, I will give some advice and tips to deal with this issue.

5.1.   Learn more about the culture before and make sure it is right

Remember that all knowledge we have accumulated just being a grain of sand in the vast ocean. If we are not sure about a specific culture, just verify it again by searching on the internet, or ask someone who had been experienced it for a long time.

5.2.  Do not promptly judge foreigners just through their weird actions

People in different countries have their own cultural rules. It is undeniable that there are some conflicts in culture among countries in the world. If someone shows his or her strange actions, we need to keep calm and politely ask him or her what does it mean.

5.3.  Be friendly, try to make friends with people around the world

The more friends we made, the wider knowledge we get. If we build up relationships with foreigners in different countries, we will understand more not only their culture but also the people in the country where our friend comes from.


As a student studying in the faculty of foreign languages at university, I have to acknowledge that all things we are studying are not completely abundant. Knowledge is not only in books, on the internet but also many real experiences. Hopefully, this assignment would help people learn from my mistakes, understand about the “Ok gesture” in Brazil, as well as some advice to minimize the unexpected situation when encountering Brazil gesture in particular, and other cultures in general.

(Word count: 1472 words)

Le Huynh

Many thanks to:

 Nguyen Mai, Minh Hanh, Xuan Cuong, My Le

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December 5 2017

My longest journey to Ho Chi Minh City

This was my longest joureny so far as well as the first time I am in the plane.  It was like a type of cutural shock but it has a few proid.  Before the trip, I really worried about things happen during and after the journey.
That feeling was gone away after exprienced. There are people I really amired not only their talent but also the young age. They really friendly and easy-going.
Here are some photos were taken by me during the journey. Let see and comment below:

We stand in front of Notre Dame Cathedral

The emotion when staying at airplane

Everything I see is white cloud

Closer, feel like I am sitting in the cloud.

A warning printed on the back every seat.

After 1h50m, our plane takes off to Tan Son Nhat airport. here is the scenery outside the window

And here is the plane we used to stay in.

Stair car? I do not know how to name this car.

After going down the plane, all the passengers will raise on the bus to go the main transit lounge.There are a lot of planes in the airport, including domestic and international.

I booked an Uber taxi and move to Grand Hotel, however, I made a mistake The first destination is Hoa Dong Duong Hotel. That alright.

Having lunch at HCMC, Every food is so sweetttt..

Wear the uniform YUP, and take a selfie photo at Eastin Grand hotel

Let’s go around the hotel

Whole house made from a kind of eatable food. Interesting huh?

A big Christmas tree at the center of hotel

it was taken in front of hotel

This is a competition among groups, the woman is presenting and selling the product for the group. the more money we earn, the more chance we win.

They are live streaming to introduce the product to attract more people

Every participant buys this tombstone, price: 20k VND

Here are the stage of the event

Many foreigners stay here

About 1 A.M the next day, we have a party at this restaurant

then we go back the hotel and take a nap to 11:00 AM, then I travel myself to famous places. here is Ben Thanh Market.

Bitexco Tower capture from Ben Thanh Market

Here are things inside the market, taken from entrance

Everything here is too expensive. most buyers are foreigners

Modern WC, with air condition, just 3k VND to enter

I just want to take a walk to Bitexco tower, the second towel in high in Vietnam

A street vendor preparing to return money to guests

Here it is. Bitexco Financial Tower. was hosted by Mr.Hoi who comes from my hometown

This photo was posted to Facebook, Most friends said I am fat as a pig

The Christmas and New year has come soon

Không khí giáng sinh đang tràn ngập ở đây

I have nobody to confide in 🙁

A lot of Westerners are waiting for bus in a tour

HCMC Industrial University, view from the coffee bar

We go to the Notre Dame Cathedral to take selfie and have dinner there

And go back to Hoa Dong Duong Hotel at 9:00 PM

Then prepare the luggage for going back Hanoi

Last time in Tan Son Nhat Airport

With my brother

Transit lougue, our flight Vietjet Air  was delayed 30 minutes.

more handsome than before?

HCMC in the night view from the sky

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