September 3 2016

Hang out with friends on Vietnam national day 2016

    Although this is slightly expensive for me, it was really an awesome experience when going to beautiful places on the holiday that I thought that I was the most lonely person in the solar system.Maybe, I will become a professional photographer.

The story started off when I received a Hang’s message on Facebook. She wanted to take a trip to The reef on Red river or somewhere was nearly that place. The goal was having in her own nice photos or just selfie. To have a meaning day, I suggested her going to HCM Mausoleum because this is an important place where Ho uncle gave a speech to all of Vietnamese on this day 71 years ago. By the way, I also wanted to visit here to see what’s changing after 8 years from the last time I went there.

Everything was going according to plan, I guided her to take a bus route and waited for her at the bus stop which was nearly the HCM Mausoleum.

The first stop: the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum.

On September 2nd, 2016 many people flock to this place to commemorate the great father of the nation. Unfortunately, We have to give up the first intent, The truth that we were late already and don’t have time to wait for 3 km long queue. There were estimated over 31.000 people come here in the morning (According to VNE) that was incredible.

I just took a selfie photo for this stop.

The final stop: The reef on Red river

        From HCM Mausoleum, We took a bus number 38 and went down at Au Co Street. About 15 minutes for a walk from the main street, We reached the gate of this place. Ticket price here is currently about 50,000 VND for each person. With this ticket, you can stay here up to the whole day. According to feeling my heart, the place is large and gorgeous. It’s better if you go with your girlfriend or boyfriend. There are a ton of amazing scenes for you to get beautiful photos.

Here are some photos gathering from my friend’s phone: 

Guess what??

Yeah, I just look into why people here call it is “the Red river”.

She’s Hang. I assure that selfie is the most favorite thing she wishes to do when coming to somewhere like this.

She is Hang’s friend. Actully we’ve known each other just this day. Once again, I have to say that she is just my friend, and there is not any other relatives. I do not dare post these photos on facebook, if not I may still be forever alone. In addition, there were 4 ones came here (2 boys and 2 girls) but the other boy was ashamed of taking photo, so I don’t have any photo about him.

That’s right. I am a farmer planting flowers.

is sympathetic face hah?

An old farmer took a selife with mother’s hot girl

Click here to view and download orignal photos

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August 10 2016

Foundations in Vietnamese Culture – Discover the museum of ethnology

Although there is only limited time to study due to summer school. We’re still had a chance to discover the museum of ethnology. This was a reality trip for us to learn more about Vietnamese culture

In front of the museum

Hello have been written by other languages

This is our tour guide

This is inside of Thai’s house
Their costumes

My friends were attentively listening to the narrations of the guides


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July 29 2016

Foundations in Vietnamese Culture – Research Northern Delta

Our presenter: Ng. MaiTo get acquainted with part time job. I just decided to register only one subject named foundations in Vietnamese culture. I stated clearly that was not spending too much time on it. In the main part of this subject, the teacher divided our class into 6 groups for each part of Vietnam. Each group must prepare a slide and presenters to have a presentation. In the past, I always felt shy and fear when presenting in front of crowd people as well as teachers. Luckily, I joined a group that has many professional presenters on this area.

I used to leave feedback and people alway obey or agree with those opinions. I have to say that time looks like a boss. :D. And everything was ok.

We also had an awesome trip to the Vietnam museum of ethnology

You can see more here


In order to finish the final lesson, we had a small party. The cash surplus is taken from the excess fare of that museum trip. And here are our photos:

According to my personal feeling the subject was the best interesting and wonderful one that I have ever never learned before


It took my whole day to design this powerpoint, made over 60 slides (contain slide game) that were really incredible.

And I have a big assignment to finish this subject. That is Research Lê Sơ’s Culture period…

If there are too many grammar mistakes, please do not laugh at me because this is a draft post. Help me correct it by leaving your comment below. Thank you!




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June 16 2016

Scientific Research Methods – Reality of doing part time jobs for students – FFL I9 HaUI

I collected some files that related to what we did. Here they are:

Finally, I finished this subject.

Feeling relax after having done 4 ones.
 But there is a sadness reminds me. someone in this group did not cooperate and very lazy. This makes big assignment is not success as we hope.


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June 15 2016

Communication skills – Arbitrary Style

This is a presentation that we did it very carefully and hard


Sorry. I need to write it by Vietnamese.


Đây là video làm bài tập thực hành môn kỹ năng giao tiếp trường ĐH Công nghiệp HN. Mình là một ông giám đốc khó tính, không chịu nghe theo những lời khuyên từ nhân viên và rồi kết quả là ông cứ khăng khăng với quyết định của mình, và ông giám đốc này chính là ví dụ về phong cách giao tiếp độc đoán mà bọn mình đang muốn truyền tải.

Thật tiếc vì nó không được tính vào điểm trong học phần vì điểm này khá cao. Thay vào đó là một bài kiểm tra mình đạt được hơi thấp…

Tiếc nữa là khi thuyết trình không có rắc cắm tai nghe nên phải dùng mic úp vào loa máy tính.

Dù sao đi nữa thì đây là lần đầu cũng quen được thêm nhiều bạn mới và có những trải nghiệm thú vị bên nhau.

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