March 2 2020

A trip to CULTURAL VILLAGE Tourism of ethnic groups in Vietnam

It’s been a long time since the last post on this blog. This page has been blocked by Facebook from 2018 for no reason, but now it’s unlocked and can be shared on this social network. Thanks for resolving my issuse.
Far from Hanoi over 30 kilometers, The Cultrual village tourism of ethnic groups of Vietnam is located in a beautiful landscape in Ba Vi Dictrict, Hanoi.
Now, I will write a brief about this.
During the trip, a policeman pulled us over because I wasn’t signal to turn to the right in a roundabout. He took me 300.000 vnd although I implored him for mercy. It was unaccpetable because there is no crossroad, it’s just a curved road.
Spending nearly one hour driving motobike from Hanoi center. We’d reached to the destination with all kinds of emotions.
 Anyway. It was’t make me down. I still enjoy my trip at the end.
Now I will show you some photos in this location:
 To enter the site, you must pay 30k for an adult, 05k for a child, or 10k for student.
We can drive motobike here or take an electrical bus. It’s really large to discover.

The buckwheat flower field, a typical flower of Ha Giang, northern of VN

We stay here to take photo, My sister, my traveling companion.

It’s time for me to express my photographic talent

Beautiful right?

Nem con, A traditional game in Northern Vietnam.

You can take one this, to throw on the circle above.

Seesaw game is also famous one here

People here are really hard-working. They are creating bamboo seats.

A wooden statue

Many stitle house were built here

A baby girl likes to touch in wooden statue

They may really like playing this game.

An old man playing an unknown musical instrument.

You can take this bus after buying ticket at the entrance gate.

A very big conical hat.

Conical hats road

A pagoda gate of Khmer

I don’t know which flower is this.

We found another buckwheat flowers field

Inside Cham-pa tower

Shot in landscape

You can see all our photos and videos by clicking here, or visit this page to view in Vietnamese verson.
Long time no write English. If I write this post in wrong grammar, please correct me by leaving your comment in the comment box below.
Thank you for visting.

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